Retrofit by JD Engineers – Breathe new life into your existing specialty folder gluer

Find out how JD Engineers’ Retrofit solutions can breathe new life into your existing machines, improve their durability and significantly reduce costs.

  • Safe set-up

  • Increasing output

  • Sustainable solution

  • Maximal operator safety

  • Reducing set-up and downtime

  • Operator friendly and easy to use

  • Reducing power consumption up to 70%

  • Modular design

  • Full integration of all controls

  • Extends lifetime of your machine

  • Secure availability of electronic parts

Durability: extending the life of your machines

One of the main benefits of Retrofit is the ability to significantly extend the life of your existing specialty folder gluers . Over time, parts, become obsolete, or develop compatibility issues with newer technologies. JD Engineers’ Retrofit addresses these issues by upgrading or replacing critical components, greatly improving the overall condition of your machine. This not only extends the lifetime of the machine, but also ensures that it can continue to meet the requirements of modern production environments.

In the fast-evolving packaging industry, companies must constantly adapt to stay competitive. While investing in new machinery is an option, it can be an expensive affair for many companies. JD Engineers, known for their innovative Tanabe JD BOXR specialty folder gluers, also offers a cost-effective alternative: Retrofit services. By refurbishing existing machines, JD Engineers helps companies extend the life of their machines, improve performance and reduce costs. What are the benefits of Retrofit services from JD Engineers?

Cost savings: a budget-friendly alternative to new machines

Investing in brand new folding and pasting machines can be expensive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Retrofit is a more budget-friendly alternative, allowing companies to upgrade their existing equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new machines. By reviving your current machines with the latest technologies, you can realize significant cost savings while still benefiting from improved performance, efficiency and safety.

Energy efficiency: reduced operating costs and environmental impact

Retrofit services by JD Engineers can also improve the energy efficiency of your specialty folder gluers. By integrating energy-saving components and technologies, your machines use less energy, lowering your overall energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. In today’s environmentally conscious world, businesses need to prioritize sustainability, and our Retrofit solutions can help you achieve your green goals.

Folding gluing machines for the corrugated and solid board industry

Improved performance: increase in productivity and quality

Upgrading your existing machines through Retrofit can lead to substantial performance improvements. JD Engineers’ expert technicians will assess your equipment and recommend upgrades tailored to your specific needs. These upgrades can improve the speed, accuracy and consistency of your folding and gluing processes, resulting in increased productivity and better overall product quality.

We can also bring the safety of your machine to the latest state of technology.

Seamless integration: compatibility with modern technologies

Retrofit ensures that your refurbished machines remain compatible with the latest technologies and industry standards. JD Engineers integrate advanced control systems, sensors and other components to ensure that your machines can communicate with modern software and production systems. This seamless integration allows your business to continue to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of folder gluers.


Avoid wasting equipment by replacing the (obsolete) controls.

Safe work environment

Safety light curtains, area scanners, up to date e-stop system and safe torque off motor drives for a safe work environment.

Automatic calculation

Automatic calculation of the transport positions, glue, backfold and other settings and store the perfect setting in the memory.

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Expert support: comprehensive assistance throughout the Retrofit process

When you choose JD Engineers for Retrofit services, you not only invest in an upgrade of your machines, but you also get access to their expert support and assistance. JD Engineers’ team of skilled technicians will guide you through every step of the Retrofit process, from initial assessment and consultation to installation, testing and ongoing maintenance. Their commitment to exceptional customer service ensures you get the support you need to get the most out of your refurbished equipment.

In short, Retrofit from JD Engineers offers a cost-effective, sustainable and performance-enhancing solution for companies that want to extend the life of their carton folding and packaging machines. By investing in these services, you will reap the benefits of improved durability, lower costs, improved performance and seamless integration with modern technologies, not to mention safety will be taken to a much higher level. Contact JD Engineers today to learn more about Retrofit and find out how they can help your business.