Packaging companies

As a packaging manufacturer, you are always looking for ways to increase productivity and streamline operations. The Tanabe JD BOXR provides a robust, state-of-the-art solution to help you achieve these goals. The solid construction, easy-to-use operating system and high precision allow you to provide first-class services to your customers.


Manufacturers need efficient and reliable box folding and gluing solutions to maintain product quality and minimize downtime. The Tanabe JD BOXR offers an integrated, fully automated system that simplifies box folding. The advanced features, such as the absolute measurement system and electronic air pressure settings, ensure accurate, consistent results across all product lines.


Ecommerce businesses must be able to process and ship orders quickly to maintain customer satisfaction. The Tanabe JD BOXR offers possibilities for the production of se-commerce packaging. Such as a tear off application, silicone tape applicator and label application.

The versatile T-Unit is perfect for folding a wide variety of cardboard types, including leak-proof boxes for the fish and meat industry, for example. The intuitive touch screen operating system and precise folding capabilities allows your team to process orders efficiently and accurately, keeping your customers satisfied.


Avoid wasting equipment replacing the (obsolete) controls.

Safe work environment

Safety light curtains and area scanners for a safe work environment.

Automatic calculation

Automatic calculation of the order and store the perfect setting in the memory.

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